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Mercer Island Guild

Mercer Island Orthopedic Guild was established in 1928 with 15 women interested in supporting the Children's Orthopedic Hospital.  As early as 1937, Mercer Islander, Warren Upper printed and sold Mercer Island directories. 

The Directory is a volunteer project published since 1943 by the Mercer Island Guild of Seattle Children’s to benefit the hospital.  It contains the 98040 residential addresses and phone numbers as well as local area business listings and advertisements.

Today the Mercer Island Guild continues to work with the community creating an annual Mercer Island Directory containing residential and local business information.  More than 7,000 directories are distributed each year.  All the proceeds and donations directly support Seattle Children’s Hospital.

We welcome all who would like to give back to the community.  Our volunteer operations ensure effective use of your skills and talents.  Please consider being a part of our team.  Click on Volunteer and learn more about Mercer Island Guild.


Your support is greatly appreciated.

Mercer Island Guild Members
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